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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tutorial: EM 1-6

1. Draw a circle around X . The compass indicate the cirle to be a anticlockwise circle. Hence the current is into the page.
2. See lecture for magnetic field pattern.
3. W X (in) and Z Y(outt) produces one B component that is along the horizontal. Find the B of each current which will be along the diagonals and then resolve.After resolving the vertical component cancel out leaving only the horizontal component to the left.
4. Find the B of each current at X, Y and Z. Consider the strength and state the resultant B.
At X: B in is greater than B out (closer to top I) Hence resultant is B in
At Y : B in is equal to B out ( same distance from the two I ) Hence resultant B is zero.
At Z: B out greater than B in ( closer to bottom I) , hence resultant is B out.
5. Solenoid has north pole at right end. When the iron core is inserted the B is stronger hence the North plole stronger. The south pole of magnet will be attracted towards the solenoid.
6. The formula for F=(B=kI1)(I2)L, since it is a multiplication of two current hence the force will be the same as long as the current is 1A and 2A. For 1A current experinces stronger B due 2A current . and 2A current experinces a weaker B due to 1 A current. Hence both have the same force