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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

June Daily 1/2

1a) and b) Nice upside down bowl shape and to cover it with total energy line.
c) Simple harmonic motion is full of hidden information. PEmax = KE max . Hence max velocity can be found.
d) max velocity of SHM must be memorised . Get it and find w to find T.
e) a = - w2x . Hence sub in known value of w2 and write the equation in box. The graph must be straight line with negative gradient . Be sure to end the line at o.2 m and -0.2 m and the x axis.

2. g at the surface is GM/r2 and weight = mg . Energy needed in GPE = GMm/r .
For satellite equate g with circular motion acceleration. GM/r2 = w2r. GM = w2r3. Hence r can be found. height = r - ro.